Dock, Timer, World Clock. A new clock app built for the Mac.


The Dock Clock.

A beautiful live clock running in the dock all the time

A live clock in the Dock
Clock mini can run in the Dock all the time, it looks gorgeous on a Mac with retina display.
All the controls right from Dock menu
Besides the main clock window, you can always click-and-hold or right click on the app icon to access all the features.


Timer in the Dock

Multiple Timer with Desktop Mode

Multiple Timer
Timer runs independently, so you can have multiple timers for different tasks at the same time with different alert preferences.
Full-Screen Mode
There's a full-screen mode for timer, it's a great choice for time-related tasks.

World Clock

World Clock and Converter.

World clocks in a dashboard or on the desktop

World Clock with Desktop Mode
Search for a city which in a different timezone is very easy, you can also have a world clock running directly on the desktop.
World Clock Dashboard
The dashboard is a great place to browse all the world clocks, you can adjust the clock size right from the menu bar, or apply for a different clock face with right click.
World Clock Converter
Have you ever had a hard time when adding reminders for a future meeting that was in a different timezone? Or arrange a meeting for your remote teammates in multiple time zones? We have made a converter for tasks just like these.


Clocks in the Notification Center.

Clock and world clock widgets

Widgets in macOS are very useful tools for productivity, we've added widget support for the current clock and world clock. You can even search for a new city or choose different clock faces directly in the Notification Center.

Clock Face Gallery

Choose your favorite one.

We've prepared a variety of clock faces, you can apply for a new clock face with just one-click. Visit our clock face gallery for more.


Alpha 2


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